The Greene County Community Fund is a non-profit organization which solicits funds to support Greene County agencies with financial assistance through grants. This financial assistance is made possible from community donations (whether from businesses, industries, or individuals) who support the Greene County Community Fund. We feel this allows the agencies supported by the Greene County Community Fund to focus on what they do best, helping people.


The Greene County Community Fund was organized in September of 1962 with the first set of allocations begin made in 1963. The organization is composed of a 15 member Board of Directors, an Executive Director, and many volunteers from the community. GCCF is currently supporting 15 agencies in Greene County but that number has been as many as 18 in years past.

To be eligible to receive support, an organization must be a non-profit 501c(3), in existence for one year, all funds must be spent in Greene County, and must have some type of office establishment/contact person in Greene County. Organizations must submit an application for funding when available, complete an interview process, agree to the terms and conditions if chosen as a recipient, and then submit documentation of funds spent according to agreement. In addition to the agency support, GCCF also provides scholarships to graduating high school seniors (one from each Greene County High School).

GCCF relies solely on contributions from the community. All money raised by GCCF remains in Greene County to help those in our community. Also, a single donation to GCCF will helps many and makes local changes.

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Lauria Baker Executive Director

Lauria Ann Baker, Excutive Director of Greene County Community Fund. Native from Missouri. Obtaining degrees through Crowley's Ridge College and ASU/Jonesboro. Involved with community/social clubs, athletics and Government and a licensed Social Worker with the AR State Board of Social Work. Her degree in Social work has opened up doors for working with groups of all ages, ethnicities, social/work classes and faiths. Well-versed in many areas is…

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Take a moment to meet the people who work hard to keep our community thriving here at Greene County Community Fund. When we work together, the possibilities are endless.


The Greene County Community Fund has been awarded the Helping Hands Award in 1990 and 1994 from the Senior BEES. GCCF also received an Appreciation Award from Mission Outreach of NEA in 1997 and been awarded Friends of the 4-H Award in 2007 & 2015.

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